Fuzzy PupChances are you are reading this page because you are looking for what I offer...PET SITTING SERVICE.

It may be because...

  • Your job has you working long hours, or traveling often.
  • You are planning on taking a well deserved vacation

No matter what your reason is, I can help you with you pet care needs.

I offer high quality in-home pet care / pet sitting service. I am insured and bonded with the state of Colorado.

In home pet sitting is an alternative to pet boarding. Here are some of the benifits...

  • Pets love being in their own home
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Pets can sleep in their own beds
  • Pets can relax at home instead of getting anxiety from different sites and smells at a kennel.
  • They can sleep well without strange dogs barking all night
  • No danger of kennel cough or other illnesses

My pet sitting service offers...

  • Personal attention with lots of love -- "We take loving care when you're not there".
  • Playtime
  • Dog walking or letting out in the yard
  • Being with them at meal time
  • Replenishing and cleaning water bowls
  • Administering Medication
  • Cleaning cages for small pets
  • Clean litter
  • Care for Special Needs Pets
  • Taking them to the groomers
  • Helping you get them to veternary appointments

I am also happy to help out around the home by watering plants, setting out the garbage for pick-up, brining in the mail, newspapers and advertisements, turn TV, radio and lights on and off. We will also leave our DivaDog Report Cards.