Carla PuppysI got into this business because I love pets. They say one of the keys to happiness is finding a job doing what you love...I have done that. I offer the best possible care for your puppy or pets, with professional service.

Below is a list of services DivaDog Walking Service offers...

  • Supervised Dog Park Visits
  • Dog Walking Visit
  • Visits range from 25 ~ 60 minutes
  • Pet Sitting Visits
  • Pet Sitting Visits and Dog Walking Visits range from $10.00 to $30.00 per visit. We customize to your needs.

Twilight Extravaganza -

Between 5:00pm and 7:00pm
This is an exclusive visit for the person coming home late from work (2 slots available per night).

  • 35 minute walk
  • 10 Minute Massage
  • Feed and Fresh Water
  • $30.00 per visit

I'm am licensed, insured and Bonded.

Training -

We teach the dog basic leash and behavior skills. We work on our clients dogs to be polite Diva Dogs.

groomer shuttleAdditional Services -

  • Dog Grooming Shuttle -

We know you may have a busy schedule and it can be difficult to get your dog to a grooming appointment. So we have the solution... we can take your pooch to the appointment.  Contact us to arrange a dog grooming shuttle service.

  • Pet Airport Shuttle - Traveling with your pet can sometimes be a challenge. I can make it a little easier by taking you and your pet to and from the airport with curb side service.

I am happy to help anyway that I can. If you don't see a service that you need, contact me to see if something can be arranged.

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